92% Milk and Egg Protein Drink

A rare find, high quality 92% Milk and Egg protein drink. Just as Vince Gironda formulated it more than 40 years ago and has not changed. We challenge you to find a milk and egg protein drink with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes all in one formulation that has stood the test of time. Our industry’s originator was made and formulated by the body builder hall of famer genius “The Iron Guru” Vince Gironda. There’s no protein manufacturers on the market today that create a complete protein formulation that has this quality and has been unchanged since its original inception. NSP – Natural Source Product’s Milk and Egg Protein Drink has been an industry staple for decades. Everyone from world renounced body builders, professional athletes or fitness conscious gym rats and those losing weight and maintaining optimal health have successfully used our protein formulation.

Since conception its taste, flavor, ease of use and complete nutritional profile, NSP’s Milk and Egg Protein Drink has been fitness industry’s favorite! We have said that egg, milk and protein should not be sweet so we add only a minimal amount of natural stevia for palatability. Make no mistake; this high quality protein drink sticks to a souvenir prescription from the “Guru” himself and continues to abide by his principles. Tried, tested and true, NSP’s Milk and Egg Protein Drink is our award winning favorite and best seller to date.

This protine drink hasn’t fallen short of our expectations or our male or female customers. We are proud to boast we have customers that have been taking this formulation for over 40 years and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  There are no added carbohydrates, fats, hydrogenation or genetically modified substances. Our protein drink is all natural smooth taste wholesome milk and eggs protein that contains only pure ingredients.  So regardless if it’s building muscle mass, weight loss or maintain optimal health 100% satisfaction guaranteed…. Enjoy results!

No More “Dieting” To Losing Weight…Please!!

No More “Dieting” To Losing Weight…Please!!

Veganism, vegetarianism, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Fitness and Nutra-System are just a few of the mainstream weight loss paradigms one could utilize to loose weight.  All, for the commercialized hopes and dreams of losing weight or possibly a temporizing protocol of the idea of perpetual weight lose and feeling good about giving sophisticated liars your hard earned money. We have seen this in the developed world for perhaps 40 to 50 years. These programs to help you lose weight with all the hidden caveats… it’s going to cost you lots of money; you’re going to feel like shit;  you have to eat specially prepared food ;  and, you may not lose that weight for good, which you may be encouraged to just keep at it until you reach your goal weight…sorry, and, this may cost you a modest more for continuing on the program.

Come on!!!…give me a f*#^!ing break!!  Are the marketing, advertisement and propaganda experts really that clever or are we really that gullible to listen and take part in these recycled, re-morphed falsehoods that does nothing but take our money and place our self-esteem in the gutter?  We have to look at the problem from the perspective of what it really is; this obesity and over-weight thing that seems to be the number one public health, and now medical, problem most of us are experiencing.  We need to look at the Food Environment we are consciously and unconsciously exposed to and what of it are we placing in our buccal cavities that is causing this pandemic.   That, I tell you is the root of this pandemic and it is the raw truth of why this is happening to us.  We are simply saturated and  exposed to too many carbs and starches, on the whole.  We are being told that they are an “essential” part of our diet and that it must be ok because our government is sanctioning this idea, ie, the Food Pyramid. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Carbohydrates are a complete “Nonessential” macro-foods.  I will not even call it a nutrient because it really is not a nutrient in the true sense of the word.

We have been told to consume less Fats and exercise, not just to loose weight but as a daily health maintenance choice.  This is utter nonsense and this ideation needs to be abandoned yesterday!  NSP,  Vince, Ron and myself believe you can loose weight, have abundant energy and stave off disease by doing the complete opposite of the conventional advice. Your ADL, anaerobic physicality, high Fat consumption, modest consumption of high-end protein and a quality multi-mineral/vitamin supplement should suffice it.  If you need dietary aids for special goals you’re trying to attain, that can be addressed per counsel, but, in general we should not have to spend tons of money to lose weight.  Stop listening to TV and radio ads and trash your magazines with the million dollar models…this should be your first step in getting healthy!!.

Reach out to us for free counsel and dietary aid advice.

Derrick (NSP and Research Nutrition)

If you are feeling ill, Stop consuming Carb-age!!

Tired of being tired? Feeling like you just got to have a nap after you’ve just eaten a meal? Love to just watch a little TV after you’ve eaten; or have that mid-day siesta? Well, you’re in good company because most Americans are in the same boat with the same complaints I just described. You know, you shouldn’t feel that way after eating because the food is there to, well, give you energy…right?? And, how is it that the food is freakin making you tired. Why is the food you’ve just eaten making you fatigued and lethargic? Seems oxymoronic! Let us explore briefly why this is the case for us “smart Westerners” who have the latest and greatest technology and culinaria at our disposal.
Unless you have some clinical pathologies going on, you should be getting the energy out of your food after consuming it, albeit mammalian metabolism really is not that simple. However, you should not feel this bad after eating. The main reason is you are probably consuming too many carbohydrates. Let me inform you of a couple of “need-to-know” things about carb(age)s. First, all carbs are non-essential; you do not need them in your diet… at all…none of them! not even fruit! Vegetables, especially the green ones, are loaded with phyto and micro-nutrients but very low in carbs. Second, the culturally sophisticated propaganda by Big Ag to convince us that we need to consume this stuff at the levels we are consuming them should be criminal! We are consuming carbs to the point of acute and chronic illness and it has morphed into a national (and, now an international) pandemic! Third, most carbs are converted to alcohol before the cell utilizes them! This is how you become a “carboalcolholic”, consuming massive carb-loads will mimic alcoholism, yet you would never suspect that piece of bread is triggering addictive bio and neurochemical pathways very similar, if not the same, as that seen in alcoholism.
You load up on carbs (because you’re addicted to them); your plasma insulin spikes; it precipitously plummets your plasma glucose levels (below baseline); you experience lethargy and severe fatigue! This is a cursory take on why you feel like crap after you eat a meal. So, feeling ill? Stop consuming Carb(age).
We at NSP follow Vince Gironda’s diet principles and strongly utilize Ketosis and Paleo as the guiding mantra for educating our customers for their bodybuilding, health maintenance and disease prevention needs. Please call us for nutrition and supplement counseling.

Derrick NSP and Research Nutrition