Permanently Avoid Afternoon Sloths, Mental Fog and Somnolence with Desiccated Liver Glandular

Fatigue, lethargy, listlessness and no “gitty-up” is rooted in our inability to utilize circulating serum glucose, fatty acids and/or amino acids. Insulin’s inefficiency to render glucose available for cellular activity causes this sequelae of symptoms. You could term it Symptomatic Functional Hypoglycemia. Fundamentally, the body is incapable of utilizing available nutrients and oxygen adequately resulting in global starvation and deceleration of brain function and skeletal muscle activity. Desiccated Liver Glandular has for over 80 years been the staple organ protein for professional athletes and world-class Bodybulilders; a lot of whom have taken our (NSP) brand from Argentina (grass-fed, organic, zero stress bovine). They knew of its incredible provision as a bonafide Super-Source Food!

Vince Gironda instructed with austerity to his apprentices and devotees to take liver tablets even when they were in down-time and not working out. Everyone was advised to take 5 tablets of 1000mg every 3 hours through-out the day. They were schooled on the benefits of Liver Glandulars and knew that nothing compared to their overall effects on the body’s general health, as well as the return and rewards from a bodybuilding and muscle-constructor perspective!

The Insane Nutritive Effects of Liver Glandular:

  1. Maintains usable temporary and prospective energy via gluconeogenesis
  2. Sustains a Positive Serum Nitrogen Balance for superior muscle gains
  3. Top-shelf First-Rate Glandular protein that buffers the effects of low blood glucose levels
  4. Hormone precursor effects that keep skeletal muscles in an Anabolic state increasing strength and size (it is not an anabolic agent, it is a food)
  5. Considered one on the Best Muscle-Building Super-Source foods ever
  6. Liver is not a storage organ for toxins, adipose and nerve tissue is; it is the body’s consummate detoxifier, neutralizing compounds and heavy metals via chelation, bile and enzyme systems
  7. Organ meat is a “senior” nutrient and entitles one to advantages of nucleotidic material such as RNA and DNA which serves as a cell storehouse for genetic information; free nucleotides play an important role in cell signaling and metabolism providing metabolic energy and high-energy electrons
  8. Cytochrome P-450 super-family of enzymes for the metabolization, detoxification, elimination, oxidation and catalyzation of everything for food, drugs, smoke, xenobiotics, herbs, poisons, medications and anything that is toxic to the body…so consuming Liver Glandular enforces and strengthens this super system
  9. Stock supply of vital nutrients that prohibits the assault of Anemia (contributor to chronic fatigue and lethargy), bio-available Iron, B12, B6, Folate, Vitamins A,D,E,K and minerals such as copper, phosphorus and selenium
  10. Other valuable benefits: enhanced CV function; improved immune response; improved GI; increased metabolism; healthy cholesterol; healthy glucose levels; improved blood circulation; blood builder by increasing RBC’s and oxygen carrying capacity

Consuming Desiccated Glandular (Offal) Liver from NSP (Argitinian Beef) at 5 tabs every 3 hrs or 15000 to 25000mg high quality protein per day should drastically improve energy, stamina, endurance, strength and vitality.

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In Superior Health….Mental and Elemental

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Calories…count them for your Car not Your Body!

Calories are a measure of energy composed in the food we eat, but I challenge anyone to show me one. They are calculated from sophisticated mechanical instruments and the premise is that if you consume a calorie it requires a certain amount of energy to burn it off. Hence, “a calorie in is a calorie out and energy in is energy out” is the current mantra. It is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is disconnected to how our bodies use the food we eat. Calories are excellent for measuring how machines use energy but horrible at how our bodies use food.

One hundred calories of potato chips, one hundred calories of prime steak, one hundred calories of Romaine lettuce and one hundred calories of ice cream are different and will be metabolized differently…this is a fact! A calorie is not a calorie to our complex bodies. Protein, fat and starch calories are different and our bodies will use them differently. It is all about Quality not Quantity when it comes to health. If you consume junk you will become junk; mental and elemental.

Practice In Futility

If you are trying to lose weight do not count calories for this is a Practice in Futility. It is all about the quality of the food you are eating. If you are eating foods that are nutrient-dense and packed with good fats you will be on your way to weight loss and it does not matter how many calories you are consuming.

Eighty Percent Full

Do not eat at the dinner table, as well, until you are completely full. This is foolish for anyone trying to lose weight (usually counting calories). You should eat until you are about 80% full then walk away from the food. I hope I am speaking to a fairly intelligent audience…so you know when you’ve over-done it.

Enzymes With your Meals

Take digestive enzymes with your meals. I can not begin to list the benefits of taking an enzyme with your meals. For instinct, protein has to be unraveled from its quaternary configuration in phase-one gastric digestion with hydrochloric acid, then cleaved in the middle and ends to be broken down into animo acids in phase-two duodenal digestion with trypsin and chymotrypsin. This allows for maximum absorption of the nutrients from the food you are eating; giving your body the stuff it needs to function at it best! In this vein, as well, do not drink a lot of fluids, of any kind, when you are eating a mixed meal. You are diluting your digestive enzymes rendering them ineffective.

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Exoneration of Saturated Fats, Coconut Oil and Butter

When I consult with customers my first question to them is “What are your goals?”…is it weight lose, is it improved strength and longevity or maybe more muscle mass? These goals drive my counsel. When research is done that guides the dietary practices of a nation the goals of the researchers should be to improve health maintenance and disease prevention. It should be indisputable, stand the test of time and have real world applicability. Saturated fats have, for more than a half century, been the epic antagonist of heart health in this country lead by researchers, academics, doctors and government officials who, through ignorance or a desire to line their pockets, have named fats the villain in our diets.

We are told that saturated fats are the villain when it comes to heart health and are to be avoided as much as possible. Foods like eggs, butter, coconut oil, lard, whole milk and animal meats should to be minimally consumed as to prevent cholesterol provision that would cause your LDL to rise resulting in subsequent risk of heart attacks and stroke. This is the infamous “Diet-Heart-Hypothesis.” This has never been substantiated nor proven and when one digs deeper into the subject they will be amazed to learn that saturated fats are actually very healthy and their utilization does not result in heart disease!

I am here to tell you that consuming saturated fats should not be feared and should be placed on the top shelf as a superior food to consume everyday. I consume them with other EFA’s, MCT, oils, dairy, eggs (4/d everyday!!) and my lipid panel and cholesterol profile always come back with excellent results.

Ten reasons why I recommend these fats:

  1. I am N=1 and living proof that these fats are completely healthy
  2. Ketogenesis and ketosis is a superior diet modality
  3. Carbohydrates are not needed for optimal health
  4. Fats are much more therapeutic to human health than carbs
  5. You eat less when your diet is high in saturated fats
  6. Saturated fats help with the digestion and assimilation of protein
  7. Healthy and harmless LDL rises with these fats, not the dangerous ones
  8. They do not cause weight gain, unlike carbs and starches
  9. The benefit of nutrition in treating psychological and emotional problems, and diseases is established and continues to emerge on lipid biochemistry
  10. We require fats, especially saturated fats, and have been consuming them since the dawn of our existence and they have been irreplaceable in keeping us alive!

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Derrick NSP

Leg Rhythm comes from Egg Wisdom

Wow! Said to be the most complete food on the Planet. I venture to say it is, incontestably, the most perfect food humans have been devouring since the dawn of time. It has not faltered yet in its provision of vibrant and lustrous life to all that consumes it. It is a super-source food that blesses us with 70 hardy calories, 6 gms of protein (full spectrum 20 amino acids), 0.6 gms of carbohydrates and 222.2 gms of very, very valuable lipids! It is “incredible”, yet at the same time controversial. It’s been credited with giving us extraordinary strength and stamina, yet debilitating us with heart disease from high cholesterol. I am talking about the amazing and fabulous egg.

Vince and Ron touted the egg as the best thing to eat if you were trying to make gains in strength and muscle mass. They explained how the amino acids supplied us with nitrogen which maintained anabolism (muscle building) by up-ticking our metabolism via a positive nitrogen balance. However, if we did not eat enough protein (amino acids) this would disrupt the nitrogen balance and cause catabolism or muscle wasting. Of course, the finest sources of this protein was the egg (first) and milk (second).

I encourage you to consume at least a dozen eggs per week to stay optimally and supremely healthy, so swap out a carb and replace with an egg. Learn to cook your eggs in the most palatable way to increase compliance. Never overcook your eggs (heat denatures protein). Use unrefined salt on your eggs. Eat range-fed eggs. EAT THE WHOLE DAMN THING – never throw out the yoke. Fat and protein should be eaten together. Carbs and fiber should be eaten together. Try not to mix protein and carbs, i.e., bread and meat. Remember, an egg has to grow into a full chick with all the systems intact. For instance, it needs everything necessary to create the nervous, digestive and immune systems. For Nutritional ketosis, strength and fitness, weight control and keto-genesis, eggs are an absolute, unequivocal and unquestionable…MUST!!!

Read our article “The Egg Controversy” and be amazed with the micronutrient profile of the egg.

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