Postulation to Addiction

When I experienced the epiphany of the true dangers and horrible effects that sugar and carbs had on the human body, I was on a mission to discover the root causes of why people became addicted to them. It lead me down a rabbit hole that exposed me to the nature of the food and medical industries. I learned over time what they were willing to go though to hide the truth and protect their bottom line when it came to food and health. Their combined influence is worth trillions and they have been given the responsibility of advisors, educators, lawmakers and arbitrators to guide us on the proper path to health. This influence alloted them complete control of our “food environment”. And, I mean every bit of what we see and hear about food and health is dominated by these industries. Trying to escape their influence is an exercise in futility. Their impact reaches far and wide.

Their influence has rendered people oblivious to their affect on how we think of food. People have to realize that what they are experiencing with respect to illness, disease and debility are rooted in three actions: 1. consumption of too many carbs 2. eating “food” that simply is not “food”(Fritos), and 3. merely overeating. All three actions can be linked to how these industries control our understanding of what we eat. Their control is directly linked to our ignorance. If your cardiologist and dietician tells you to take statins for high cholesterol and eat a low-fat diet, you are not going to challenge their wisdom. If this advise causes you more disease and ailments then no one should logically hold you accountable for your obesity or your diabetes or PCOS or your hypothyroidism…right? You are not fully responsible for your awful health if you are not given the proper information in order to maintain optimal health! Yes…the obese, the hypertensives, the diabetics, the COPDers and asthmatics, the hypothyroid and dialysis patients are truly not liable for their syndromes if the authorities and healthcare professionals advising them fed them erroneously misinformation about how to avert disease!

This leads me to the salient point of this article, the postulation of addiction and how one becomes addicted to carbs; over-consume food and ultimately collapse into chronic and persistent disease. Read and ponder:





All carbs burn as alcohol and this is the root of our addiction to carbohydrates. In excess means in saturation.

We have to respect the simple power and effects of eating Ketosis. Throw out those Net-Carbs the industries that profit from your illnesses and diseases are the evangelists of glycolysis…

Inspiration from: Mercola, Axe, Gedgaudis, Taubes, Phinney…

Fats and Proteins for Energy

If you were to encounter the vegetarians, the runners, and the people who believe fatskill you then they will attempt to convince you to become a carbohydrate eater. Allthe long distance runners and the bike riders love the carbohydrates and are terrifiedof fats. These people are all schooled in the virtues of carbohydrates; that carbs willgive you plenty of energy.Well, if your not terrified of fats and you want to be educated, most people just don’tknow, and I’m talking about 85% of the population, that fats of any kind yields twiceas much energy as carbohydrates. When I mean any kind, I mean any good kind.Vince used to say that he prefers fats to energy other than sugar because Vince wasalways quoted as saying carbohydrates build fat and never muscle. And of course aswe all know that is the truth and carbohydrates do a lot of other things includingruining your health. America is turning into a carbohydrate-eating nation and this iswhy we are the sickest and fattest nation in the world.So, getting back to fats and proteins for energy, years ago a test was performed withrats and then human beings. A group of rats were given 40 grams of carbohydratesand another group of rats were given 40 grams of natural fats (lard, butter, olive oil,coconut oil, etc.) and something very startling was revealed. That fats yield twice asmuch energy as carbohydrates and of course the carbohydrate proponents don’t wantto accept that and ignore it but it is an absolute fact.When I want energy, I eat fats not carbohydrates. Natural carbohydrates have their  place but as Hippocrates once said “carbohydrates are secondary substances not to belived on” and if you read any of my articles you will know the ill affects of eating ahigh carbohydrate diet.I will use my example of the five peoples of the world who lived on fats and proteinsand little or no carbohydrates. The primitive Eskimo would chase the caribou for miles to get at the fat in it’s neck knowing full well that fat had energy giving properties. The Rocky Mountain Men ate what they killed and they didn’t eat manycarbohydrates because there are very little carbohydrates in the Rocky Mountains.The American Plains Indian is probably the healthiest people the world has ever seen because they lived off the buffalo and they knew the value of the intestines andorgans and the fats surrounding the intestines and organs. And the Massai in Africa,they drank the blood of an animal. Milk was a prized possession as well as cream.The Belari of South America lived on a high fat high protein diet. They got their source of energy from fats and very, very little carbohydrates. And we all know the illaffects of carbohydrates and we’ve known that for years. Read my article Thirty Ninereasons why sugar is no good for you. Anyway, to the naysayers, the end result is fatsyield twice as much energy as carbohydrates.