If you are feeling ill, Stop consuming Carb-age!!

Tired of being tired? Feeling like you just got to have a nap after you’ve just eaten a meal? Love to just watch a little TV after you’ve eaten; or have that mid-day siesta? Well, you’re in good company because most Americans are in the same boat with the same complaints I just described. You know, you shouldn’t feel that way after eating because the food is there to, well, give you energy…right?? And, how is it that the food is freakin making you tired. Why is the food you’ve just eaten making you fatigued and lethargic? Seems oxymoronic! Let us explore briefly why this is the case for us “smart Westerners” who have the latest and greatest technology and culinaria at our disposal.
Unless you have some clinical pathologies going on, you should be getting the energy out of your food after consuming it, albeit mammalian metabolism really is not that simple. However, you should not feel this bad after eating. The main reason is you are probably consuming too many carbohydrates. Let me inform you of a couple of “need-to-know” things about carb(age)s. First, all carbs are non-essential; you do not need them in your diet… at all…none of them! not even fruit! Vegetables, especially the green ones, are loaded with phyto and micro-nutrients but very low in carbs. Second, the culturally sophisticated propaganda by Big Ag to convince us that we need to consume this stuff at the levels we are consuming them should be criminal! We are consuming carbs to the point of acute and chronic illness and it has morphed into a national (and, now an international) pandemic! Third, most carbs are converted to alcohol before the cell utilizes them! This is how you become a “carboalcolholic”, consuming massive carb-loads will mimic alcoholism, yet you would never suspect that piece of bread is triggering addictive bio and neurochemical pathways very similar, if not the same, as that seen in alcoholism.
You load up on carbs (because you’re addicted to them); your plasma insulin spikes; it precipitously plummets your plasma glucose levels (below baseline); you experience lethargy and severe fatigue! This is a cursory take on why you feel like crap after you eat a meal. So, feeling ill? Stop consuming Carb(age).
We at NSP follow Vince Gironda’s diet principles and strongly utilize Ketosis and Paleo as the guiding mantra for educating our customers for their bodybuilding, health maintenance and disease prevention needs. Please call us for nutrition and supplement counseling.

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