Permanently Avoid Afternoon Sloths, Mental Fog and Somnolence with Desiccated Liver Glandular

Fatigue, lethargy, listlessness and no “gitty-up” is rooted in our inability to utilize circulating serum glucose, fatty acids and/or amino acids. Insulin’s inefficiency to render glucose available for cellular activity causes this sequelae of symptoms. You could term it Symptomatic Functional Hypoglycemia. Fundamentally, the body is incapable of utilizing available nutrients and oxygen adequately resulting in global starvation and deceleration of brain function and skeletal muscle activity. Desiccated Liver Glandular has for over 80 years been the staple organ protein for professional athletes and world-class Bodybulilders; a lot of whom have taken our (NSP) brand from Argentina (grass-fed, organic, zero stress bovine). They knew of its incredible provision as a bonafide Super-Source Food!

Vince Gironda instructed with austerity to his apprentices and devotees to take liver tablets even when they were in down-time and not working out. Everyone was advised to take 5 tablets of 1000mg every 3 hours through-out the day. They were schooled on the benefits of Liver Glandulars and knew that nothing compared to their overall effects on the body’s general health, as well as the return and rewards from a bodybuilding and muscle-constructor perspective!

The Insane Nutritive Effects of Liver Glandular:

  1. Maintains usable temporary and prospective energy via gluconeogenesis
  2. Sustains a Positive Serum Nitrogen Balance for superior muscle gains
  3. Top-shelf First-Rate Glandular protein that buffers the effects of low blood glucose levels
  4. Hormone precursor effects that keep skeletal muscles in an Anabolic state increasing strength and size (it is not an anabolic agent, it is a food)
  5. Considered one on the Best Muscle-Building Super-Source foods ever
  6. Liver is not a storage organ for toxins, adipose and nerve tissue is; it is the body’s consummate detoxifier, neutralizing compounds and heavy metals via chelation, bile and enzyme systems
  7. Organ meat is a “senior” nutrient and entitles one to advantages of nucleotidic material such as RNA and DNA which serves as a cell storehouse for genetic information; free nucleotides play an important role in cell signaling and metabolism providing metabolic energy and high-energy electrons
  8. Cytochrome P-450 super-family of enzymes for the metabolization, detoxification, elimination, oxidation and catalyzation of everything for food, drugs, smoke, xenobiotics, herbs, poisons, medications and anything that is toxic to the body…so consuming Liver Glandular enforces and strengthens this super system
  9. Stock supply of vital nutrients that prohibits the assault of Anemia (contributor to chronic fatigue and lethargy), bio-available Iron, B12, B6, Folate, Vitamins A,D,E,K and minerals such as copper, phosphorus and selenium
  10. Other valuable benefits: enhanced CV function; improved immune response; improved GI; increased metabolism; healthy cholesterol; healthy glucose levels; improved blood circulation; blood builder by increasing RBC’s and oxygen carrying capacity

Consuming Desiccated Glandular (Offal) Liver from NSP (Argitinian Beef) at 5 tabs every 3 hrs or 15000 to 25000mg high quality protein per day should drastically improve energy, stamina, endurance, strength and vitality.

Call me for detailed counsel on a great diet plan. And, as always, Thank You so very much for visiting our website and reading my blog.

In Superior Health….Mental and Elemental

Derrick NSP

Derrick Smith

2 thoughts on “Permanently Avoid Afternoon Sloths, Mental Fog and Somnolence with Desiccated Liver Glandular

  1. Mike says:

    I have tried several different brands (Ancestral, Beverly International, etc.) but NSP seems to be the best, and price wise also very attractive – recommend to take the two-pack to save a bit more.

    My diet consists of 4 liver with each meal three times a day plus 6 liver in the morning and 6 liver in the afternoon. Not really every 3 hours, but pushing 24 liver/day of extra protein.

    Personally don’t really notice a difference, but like to add “easy” protein into my routine. Especially continent when I have hours of meetings and need a quick, easy and subtle dose of protein.

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