Superior Nutrient Support for Kickstarting and Maintaining Ketosis: NSP Fat Burn Formula

The rave on the internet, in healthcare and nutrition circles, is the phenomenal benefits of Nutritional Ketosis. Vince Gironda, Ray Raridan and Ron Kosloff have been teaching and educating their customers and clients about this for over forty years. Their product line included a fat burning recipe ( Fat Burn: The Lipotropic Formula) and was used to help bodybuilders cut superfluous body fat to promote cosmetic bodybuilding. This product was created 40 years ago and should give you an idea how long ago we new about ketosis and the benefits of eating fats to burn fat.

The keys to segue to nutritional ketosis and initiating ketogenesis are the nutrients that are the support structure for this metabolic pathway. Weather you are trying to initiate ketogenesis or want to maintain ketosis, these superior micronutrients are the clues to success!! Proven effective throughout the years, they will facilitate the chemistry of the body to stimulate ketogenesis and maintain it while causing a holt to glycolysis (with insulin control via diet changes).

Learn the jewels and gems of eating ketosis; start the diet that will revolutionize your workout performance; feel the best you have ever felt before and stop all the carb cravings.  Do not start this wonderful, life-changing diet without using the product that started it all!! We pulled it all together 40 years ago. Optimize Your Success and use Fat Burn: Lipotropic Formula…The foundation of Ketosis.

Benefits with a nutritional Ketosis:

  1. Kick-starts ketogenesis and maintains ketosis
  2. Helps curb your appetite by increasing satiety
  3. Helps with intermittent fasting
  4. Decrease carbohydrate cravings
  5. Helps you detox your GI and blood from overeating
  6. Improves mental clarity, and
  7. Upticks physical prowess and stamina
  8. Neuroprotective properties and mood stabilization
  9. Require substantially less food per day
  10. Improve muscle building with less recovery time

For the most effective results, I encourage you to view NSP’s Milk and Egg Protein 92%, Sterol-11 Multi-glandulars, Beef Liver and Animo Acids for nutritional support and assistance when using the Fat Burn Formula – they will work synergistically to keep you on track and focused.

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The Physics of Nutrition

When one thinks of mathematics, medicine or pharmacology it congers ideas connected with these disciplines such as, differential equations, cell biology, statistical analysis, equivocation inputs, pharmacodynamics of sampling or occurrence variances.  These terms may seem intimidating and distant to most of us.  However, you need to be informed that the science of human nutrition can be just as intimidating and stoic.  The math and mental acrobats required to figure the weight withstanding of the footprint of a 110 ton office complex can be equally as complex as calculating the epidemiological nutritional patterns of certain groups in a population. The complexity of knowing how the body utilizes, metabolizes and assimilate macro and micronutrients is not an exact science and neither is medicine even at it’s most complex arenas, i.e. neurosurgery or transplant surgery.  Human nutrition governs the health of individuals and populations. If we abort the foundational laws and scientific principles given to us from Mother Nature that define optimal, preventative, recuperative and flawless health, we will be diseased, ill, feeble and leaning like the Tower Pisa, or collapse like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Our health and wellbeing is not founded in the distant stars or planets.  The health and wellbeing of mankind can be established on the laws and calculations set forth by the earth we stand on.  It supplies us the air we breath, the trees and plants that provide us the food to eat, as well as the oceans, rivers and lakes that supply us with life-giving H2O.  Our sustenance is dependent on these innocuous things that we take for granted. If we sway too far from these essential prerequisites to life, we will pay the price.

Deficiencies are Mathematical Calculations

It is factual that if you are not consuming enough of Vitamin C (RDA is 150mg/d is the calculated amount for disease prevention)  you will experience scurvy and die if it is prolonged. Scurvy’s clinical manifestations are bleeding gums, hemorrhage and anemia, neuropathy  and lethargy, swelling and tenderness, as well as the absence of wound healing and infections. The etiology is due to the unavailability of Ascorbic Acid (AA) to form collagen, which is a subscript of connective tissue production.  Connective tissue is the groundwork for blood, areolar, adipose, fibrous, osseous and hyaline tissues and are global throughout the body.  Risk factors stem from the fact that humans can not manufacture ascorbic acid endogenously.  We have to get it from the food we eat.  This classifies AA as “essential”…meaning we have to get it from our diet, otherwise we will die!   Thus, the mathematical calculation of AA to prevent human disease and illness is 150mg per 24 hours period.

Disease is a Biometric Measure 

The profundity in defining “disease” and or “health” is relative to social constructs such as culture, class, income or race.  The consensus does not vacillate, though. Visit a hospital, a prison, a psychiatric ward (that is, if you can find one), a clinic, an American courthouse, our modern grocery stores, as well as the celebration of holidays, and you can feast your eyes on the illusions of health.  But make no mistake, there is widespread misery and suffering in these societal domains.  This suffering is a form of disease and it can be measured utilizing the best and most sophisticated scientific methodologies. The roots of this suffering is dietary and nutritional. Taking a conventional or mainstream approach to ameliorating the suffering versus a holistic or natural approach is where the problem lies!  We are using the wrong measures and asking the wrong questions.  This is why our disease state continues to worsen, not improve, ie., hypertension, diabetes, the opioid crisis. We have moved away from the principles and calculations set out by nature…which is real food.

Nutrition Science should be the first-line tx for Diseases

Most diseases are simple nutritional deficiencies.  This is a fact.  The research and documentation of medicine’s colloquy is unambiguous and unmistakable, both historic and contemporary.  Take hypertension as a disease, for instance. Conventional medicine describes it as evidenced by arteriosclerosis, hypercholesteremia and stress.  Though there are four basic types idiopathic, essential, secondary and primary, these are the three primary causes.  Arteriosclerosis, hypercholesteremia and stress can all be treated with a change in diet (nutritional) and supplementation ( I have implemented Linus Pauling’s Unified Theory on Hypertension).  The allopathic and traditional approach is to mitigate the symptoms with pharmaceutics which has been the contributory cause of disease prolongation…not the cure!  Let Food be your Cure…It is the Medicine given to us from Mother and Father!!!! Nutrition science is not a soft science. If its wisdom is ignored it will increase mortality and morbidity.  No science or discipline is as important as Nutrition Science because without our health, humans will die or live in a state of perpetual sickness and misery.  The next time you are ill or sick ask if yourself if you’ve perhaps abandoned the principles or laws of nutrition science…

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