One thought on “The Pursuits of Size & Bulk

  1. J.N. says:

    When you work muscles you actually decrease the size
    due to the increase in cortisol.

    Actual synthetic steroids are not more potent than natural testosterone, the biological facts are synthetic testosterone remains 90% inactive as natural testosterone although synthetic testosterone indirectly highly suppress cortisol and the suppression induces rapid muscle gains then when people go into post cycle mode, guess what? The cortisol receptors recognize the suppression was unnatural then catabolic crisis takes place reducing all muscle mass acquired due to the fact the cortisol receptors recognize the difference in synthetic cortisol suppression and natural cortisol suppression.

    We have reached a point now males in their 80’s can produce 5,000mg (5 grams) of their active natural testosterone for a period of maximum 3 months, more than enough time to add critical amounts of muscle mass.

    In fact a 51 year old male gains 46 pounds of muscle
    naturally and legally in 6 weeks, a sneak preview of
    his daily regimen:

    Raw Eggs (Organic) 3 dozen – mixed with half & half,
    heavy whipping cream or coconut milk;

    800 grams of fat including 50 grams CLA,
    50 grams Sesamin

    2 Natural Anti Cortisols substances

    Nitrox-ATP [links removed]

    Androxybol [links removed]

    Oral Testibol [links removed]

    Anidrol [link removed]
    Anadroll-50 [link removed]
    Annadrall [link removed]
    Dianobol [link removed]
    Sustinon [link removed]
    Testanabol [link removed]

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